viernes, 30 de diciembre de 2011

The ignorance of the girl

She was sitting in her room all by herself thinking about what is the love. Not she isn't in love.
She is trying to understand what is that thing that everyone's wants and no one can keep.
Only she can understand a little what love is when is reading about it on the novels and shoujo manga.
But everytime that she tried to feel the love with some random guy, she only won bullshit and a bunch of idiot thoughts.
She never give up, she try and try to end with her ignorance. Because the only thing what she can think is:"Why I can't feel the love?"

One day she start her search: why I always run and broke the chemistry? and Why I don't give a shit when it comes to this?

Why it has to be main  subject the "LOVE" ?

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